We’re off to Spain!


Like an adventure? How daring are you? Would you drop everything and catch that plane at a couple of weeks or even days’ notice if it was something you wanted to do? I did!

And…….. I took my 8-year-old granddaughter with me. That meant we had to go all out to get her a passport. Getting the forms completed, travelling 100 miles to the Passport Office, only to be turned away because the photo was not signed! Note to self – check, check and check again. Not one for giving up – I booked another appointment, got the photo signed and back again at ‘the office’. The passport arrived two days later. Yippee!

Bags packed, meltdown over, and we were all set to drive to Stansted to catch the plane to Santiago Compostela. Courtney loved flying for the first time, phew – that will at least make her life more adventurous! We were met at Santiago by the owner and our two dogs to care for. We arrived at their apartment and immediately settled in and got to know the dogs by taking them on a very long walk. Pontevedra is a clean, peaceful city in Galicia, where everything is Spanish, or rather Galician.

One thing to remember when you are house sitting is that not everyone will choose to live the way you do. There may be a few things that leave you uncomfortable. I would suggest you work through these – if it’s dirty, clean it! After all it is still an exchange of your time and energy and the owner trusting you with their pets and house, not something to be taken lightly.

One cool kid sunning herself on the beach and still holding tight to that dog!

One cool kid sunning herself on the beach and still holding tight to that dog!