Do you check your stars?

It’s something many of us just can’t resist. Having a quick peek at our star sign forecast for the day can give us a heads-up on the mood or the way things may pan out.

Mercury Retrograde and Travel

Did you know there are about 3 times each year when the planet Mercury goes what is called “retrograde”? Well, during these three week periods, travelling can become more than a challenge than you would normally expect. This years’ periods are March 5th to March 28th, July 8th to August 1st and October 31st to November 20th 2019.

There are many other aspects to this time of Mercury Retrograde – a time of chaos, a time of things moving really slowly and you think your project will never get off the ground. But hang in there and use the time to revisit what you have been working on, re-plan anything that is not working, anything with a “re” in front of it is all good to do during this period. My number 1 tip on this topic is “check your plans, then check again – then check again…………..” I cannot stress enough how many times you need to check that everything is going to happen as you have planned it. Don’t be afraid of this time, but do consider it carefully and keep going over your plans.