The House Sitting Life

Be Professional

To house sit professionally, and by that I mean, having good references, DBS clearances and evidence you have looked after people’s homes and pets, you will need testimonials as mentioned in a previous blog. But more than that you need the social skills to relate to your home/pet owners. If not, they will not gain the trust in you and having a nervous homeowner is the last thing you want!

Setting up a profile is fairly straightforward on these two websites – Mind My House and Nomador. Yes, there is a charge, however, these are two of the cheapest but still reputable sites. There are others, some that charge far too much. Occasionally you might get a free website to join but this may not bring the security we need for such a job.

That Country House

Be Sociable

This summer I was fortunate enough to obtain two house sits – one in Malaysia and one in Ireland (see my Blogs for how these went). Travelling to Asia always excites me. I just love that part of the world – so friendly, cheap and warm. The homeowners were Brits and retired in Malaysia and were oh, so friendly and welcoming. This makes all the difference. But I have to say all my homeowners have been very welcoming. Being introduced to their friends makes a lovely difference – don’t be shy but don’t impose. What is it they say? “Be interested, not interesting!” Life takes on a whole new sphere when you adhere to this, believe me.


One thing to always stick by is responding to any enquiries you get and maintaining communication until it has run its course. Now, not all home owners will respond to your enquiry, but that can be because they have so many they get overwhelmed. Keep professional and keep positive.

Communication is key. Make sure you keep up to date with modern methods!

Do ensure you are able to use modern communication methods like Whatsapp, Skype, email, mobile phone, Messenger. You don’t have to become a friend of your home owners on Facebook, but just show you are ‘in the know’ when it comes to communicating. Lots of home/pet owners like to get either a daily, every few days or weekly update whilst they are away and they won’t want this by snail mail and landlines can be expensive.

Get Started

Get yourself a profile on a house sitting website – Nomador gives you the opportunity to try their site for free. Well worth doing to gain your confidence and start that adventure!

Fancy a Read?

I’m guessing we all like a ‘good read’ especially when house sitting quietly somewhere. Here is an unusual tale of a pet sitter who is forced into over-staying her welcome – Sitting Pretty by April Hardy on Kindle.