Storage, emotions and freedom!

Storage – Why do we do it?

Where I live some people have kept their things stored in one way or another for 20 years! Can you believe it? But ……. I too have just put some things into storage “while I decorate“. Intentionally this was for two months only. Those two months have gone by and I have now moved my “stuff” to another storage unit (to get the cheap 8 weeks price that most offer). So that’s me up to 4 months already.

Now, some of my items in storage I love and want to keep and put in my new home once I have decorated, but there is a lot of old, not-looked-at pieces and papers that I would do well to get rid of and quickly.

Reasons not to move stuff on

So, why do we do this? I am feeling it is actually quite difficult to move stuff on for a number of reasons:

Storage problem
Where to start with that storage problem

1) I feel an attachment

2) time to mull over whether I really want it or not or could I make use of it

3) where do I want it to go – recycle, landfill, give away, sell, charity

4) the time it takes to move stuff on can be all-consuming


And reasons to get rid of

Wow! It feels so good once the decision is made and the item has gone to the right place. Maybe someone really needed what you didn’t. Great to see young families in need and appreciating what you no longer need. A good feeling of recycling rather than land-filling.

On my Park we can put items out for others to take and use – this saves a lot of fiddling about advertising on recycle sites and then arranging for collection.

Fresh start

So, I have a new resolve – to work my way through all my boxes in storage and each week make a firm decision on whether to keep an item (because I love it and will definitely use it), sell it,  give away to a “good home”, to charity, or up-cycle it for a new life.

The Future

From now on I will think very carefully before buying any new item for my home – it will definitely have to have a use, be stored properly in its place and look good. I am even considering a No Spend Challenge at some point, once I have redecorated of course! See The Tiny Life blog on No Spending for a Year Challenge.