Rock at 60 – I certainly did!

The Party

How do we celebrate our 60th birthday? I could have gone on a cruise – urrgh. Or gone to dinner with all the family – aah. Even have had a day out – the list is endless. Consequently, I chose to party at 60! Throw a party with a Rock Band. We had been to see Noisy Neighbours a few times and they were our kind of music. And as a result, did we rock! From the minute they started up we danced the night away and as a result a great performance it was too.

Rock the Casino Fun

To start the evening, I wanted guests to have a bit of fun and get engaged with each other. So we set up a home-made Casino Night. Black Jack, Roulette, Higher or Lower, Beat the Croupier and Dice. We used chips to play and it had the atmosphere of a real casino. You can of course hire the professionals, but I had friends who had made their own games and were more than capable to run the tables.

Ideas for that great day

How are you celebrating your 60th? Take a peek at some of these ideas.

Go on, be brave


Driving a car fast !

Private plane trip

A rock concert weekend

All the fun of the fair

the list is endless ………….

Whatever you choose to do for your special birthday, make it something you will remember and for that reason you will cherish for the rest of your life. As they say, on our deathbed all we really want and can think of are the memories of treasured moments, not the material possessions. Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen was above all one hell of a memory for me.

Life is for experiencing and I believe we come to realise this as we get older. It’s a shame we can’t always recognise this in our younger years when all we can concentrate on is working and surviving.