Never Be Afraid

Bit of a bold heading, hey? Let me explain why I chose it. Last night I inadvertently watched a TV programme called “Banged up Abroad” . I had worked with prisoners in the past and had a mild interest now. Listening to the young woman who had got caught up in drug smuggling and served a 7 year prison sentence, was quite moving. She was now very humble and grateful for her life.

What struck me more than anything was the ending – she said she was now never afraid to do anything in life. This kind of surprised me after what she had been through – that dark, dank, dirty prison abroad, being treated like a nobody and many more terrifying experiences. However, she had come out of it all a much wiser, stronger, woman that’s for sure.

Where Are You Now?   
  • It got me thinking more and more about how we go about trying new things, travelling to new places, meeting new people, starting a new lifestyle; all of these we often do without a thought when we are in our youth, but as we get older these challenges can become a lot more difficult. Our life has probably settled down to a comfortable pace, we hopefully have our finances sorted (to an extent), we have our friends and family for support, hopefully………  Or do we? Not for everyone. We may be divorced unexpectedly, be bereaved, have to move location or lose our job. Then what happens? We can slip into a fearful way of living, not wanting to make any changes for fear of “losing the plot”. That’s not what I am here to do. I want to inspire you to leave behind the past and face the future with excitement and a new lease of life as you fly into your later years. After all, we can only truly live in the moment anyway.
Taking Stock

  • First thing is to take stock of your life and the lessons learnt. Write down all your strong and positive points and what you can offer to the world – kick start here with What I have to offer the World. I did this once to check the temperature of a relationship I was in, and found I had a huge amount to offer – my own place, a job, a car, supportive family and friends, good integrity, some money in the bank, and so on…..
Making That Change
  • So you now have an idea of what you have to offer, think about how you really want to live your life. Working on a specific project, travelling, starting a new business (why not? it would pay for that retirement), downsizing and living simply? What is it you really want to do? Briefly, for me My Ideal Day is to wake up in a warm country, take a walk on the beach, eat a light breakfast, settle down to work on my on-line business. Then after lunch, explore the area I am staying in with my partner or do an activity, ending up having an evening meal with new friends. It took a while to come up with this, but this is my ideal “normal” days’ routine. Have a go yourself and start creating your new world.

Get Started:                    What have I to offer the World                  My Ideal Day