Make that move to small space living

What to know about when buying a preloved Mobile Home

Looks scary? It doesn’t have to be. I’ve been researching what I need to do to move into a residential mobile home and really it is not too daunting. But it is an alternative way of life that’s for sure.

Procrastinating? Me? Never!

After a number of years “umming and ahhing” whether to buy and move into a residential mobile home, I finally made the decision to do so! No-one would call me a procrastinator, more likely I act too quickly, but making this decision for the right home, in the right place took time. It may do for you too as it is a big life-changer, but if we don’t take that leap and act, it may never happen.

Dream on!

There are hundreds of homes advertised on the internet. A home of the right size and on the right Park for me eventually came up (patience paid off). I decided to have a “survey” done – by someone with expert knowledge of mobile homes, giving it the once over. This was well worth the fifty quid, I can tell you.

We will all find sellers who get a bit nervous when it comes to checking over their home, but by building a good relationship, the move can work wonders. I found out the truth about my new home – it was very sound on the outside, but needed a lot of work on the inside. That then left me in a good position to negotiate on the price, with evidence from the expert. Deal done!

Read the small print

Things to do before you buy (Free Guide) I had researched the law on Mobile Home Living and I now needed to get serious about what I needed to obtain to see the purchase through. This will often be done through an Estate Agent if there is one, or direct with the seller. To ensure you are completely clear about responsibilities, take a look at my free guide on the basics of buying that you need to adhere to.

I now needed to make the decision whether to retire properly and by downsizing, make way for adventurous travel whilst having a small base in the UK.

Watch for the next step – planning the move to a smaller space!