Living Local in Copenhagen

So, what is my view of Copenhagen as a now turned 61 year old woman? It must be one of the safest cities in the whole world (Scandanavia is generally felt to be so). It is extremely welcoming and very easy to get around on foot or public transport and there really is a lot to see and keep you occupied for many days.

We arrived in the Norrebro district to look after a Danish couple’s two gorgeous kitties. The transport links in Copenhagen are really easy to use, comfortable and speedy. The Metro took us to Fasanjev and there we caught a bus within minutes to our north Copenhagen destination. We never waited longer than 7 minutes for a bus, and that was only twice.

Once settled in, our next stop was to be the grocery store to stock up. We came across a local Iraqi store near to Norrebro Station, heaving with people of all nations and selling a huge variety of groceries. So that set us up, and then right next door was a typical local Danish pub – Lygtons Kro – an Inn offering a good range of beers and the food was warming and a delicious vegetarian option to sausage Bratwurst. A Swedish rock band played on Sunday night too. 

I had booked us on to 3 free walking tours around the city. Two were an hour and half each – a Classical Tour and the Christiania Tour. This second tour does not take you into the Freetown of Christiania, but finishes right on their doorstep so you can explore yourself – well worth it if you are an “old hippie” at heart. The third walk was a full-on Grand Tour of Copenhagen for 3 hours. Please do pay a good tip to the guide as they do not get any other payment – it really is worth it.

The Star Flyer at Tivoli

On our fourth day we decided to have a bit of fun at the Tivoli Gardens FunFair. Wow – that made us feel young again! We gradually built up the courage to go on all the rides – scary and all – but it did take a few schnapps to make the move on to the ultimate rides. I just kept thinking “it might never be too late, but another time I might not have the nerve!”

We also managed to get in the Botanical Gardens – very pristine and free. Lovely on a sunny day. Talking of weather – well, it was cold. But at least it was dry and not windy. Out of the 5 days two were sunny, two were very cold and one was snowy. Make sure you take plenty of jumpers, snoods, hats, gloves and socks – not necessarily layers as you’ll need to keep them all on!