So we have reached the age where the kids are independent, we’ve had our career, and maybe still working coz we have to, but want to work less. Do we really need that big family home, with all that decorating, bills? Or do we want to use our remaining active years to go out and explore the world while we can? To find adventure, meet new people in new cultures.

Certainly that is what I want. And to do that I am in the process of down-sizing. Living in a smaller space, with less possessions – except those I love and really do need – and living a cheaper, peaceful life full of energy and the excitement of going into the unknown. We really can keep all our eggs in one basket, knowing they are safe when we leave them a home.

Small space living can be a chosen lifestyle that has many benefits. I will be blogging about this as my journey gets underway. I will bring you tips and hints on de-cluttering, storing wisely and living simply. Making way for an adventurous lifestyle of travel and fun.