House Sitting On Hold

The travel and house sitting industry has been hit hard by Covid19, and don’t we know it?! Sitters have been stuck in places far from home. Sitters have been made ‘homeless’. And no new bookings are coming up that we can apply for. It’s all a bit messy. Above all, in true House Sitter spirit, we will pull through and be back on the trail once more.

Houses for house sitting
Houses for house sitting

What have you been doing during lockdown?

What are you doing when not travelling or house sitting? It would seem we suddenly like to bake cakes (no flour or eggs in the supermarket). Dare I say we like to spend time in the bathroom? (say no more!). Watch TV, Zoom, do quizzes, dance – the list is endless. Some of us are taking the time to learn a new skill and apply it to a business. I chose to become an Independent Travel Agent!

Baked bread
Baked bread

Risque Business

Whoah! You might say. Risky? Stupid? Irresponsible? – Yes, all of these. But I’m not the only one. It would seem that in future people will be more interested in having a personal travel agent. Preferring not to rely on unreliable, faceless, websites who take all the commission for themselves. However, the beauty of this career for an avid traveller and house sitter is that it can be done from anywhere in the world!

New Business Venture

Take a look at my official business website. And have a look through some of our amazing offers You can book yourself directly and know that it is through a reputable, well-established company. In addition you can use my FREE service to find you possibilities and do all the leg-work for you. The choice is yours. Because I will get to know what you like, I can keep a look out for some fabulous deals.

Passion leads us to what we love

Responsible Travel

Above all my particular interest is ‘responsible’ travel. As a result you will see more about that here and places to visit whilst you are house sitting or travelling the world, hopefully in a responsible way. One thing to be sure about is that this year UK travel will rise to the top of the ‘bucket list’. Although there is a prediction of a ‘travel boom’ next year, we still have a year to go before we reach that time – and who knows what might happen in between. Read About Me and feel free to Contact Me.

Travel by train has to be one way of the future