Hippies and Snoods


My patience has paid off – after a year of applying for house sit assignments abroad, we are finally off to Copenhagen, yippee! I joined Mind My House website a year ago, and I know my own time was limited due to work commitments, but many assignments I applied for just did not receive a response, which I felt was very inconsiderate. I got over it. And kept applying, especially now I am working freelance. And, hey presto, I have been asked to cat sit two gorgeous kitties for Easter weekend in Copenhagen. What a beautiful, cultural, city that looks set to be.


So, what to take in my “cabin only” suitcase, that is going to keep me warm and not burst its seams? Well, out will come one of the biggest snoods known to woman – knitted as a Xmas present. It certainly kept me warm in Iceland, watching the Northern Lights. Guess I also need some sturdy footwear for traipsing the city streets – I particularly want to walk the Christiania “hippy-like” area. But I also want to look “cool” in one of the most cultural cities in the world. So the remainder will need to be colourful and comfortable. Sounds like an opportunity for a trip to my local charity shops.


Well, this was a challenging experience. We needed to arrive about midday and leave late afternoon. We have ended up flying one way with Ryan Air (cheap and not so cheerful) and back with Norwegian Air (be warned they only communicate in Norwegian urrgh). So this means getting up at an unearthly hour to catch a National Coach from Victoria to Stanstead and coming home to Gatwick and getting the Easy Bus to London. It will be an adventure!


Does everyone else have the same frustrations on checking in with Ryan Air? It seems reasonably priced to start with, but if you want to get on the plane after buying your ticket you still need to pay for a seat, baggage, and woe betides should you want anything to eat or drink – pull the credit card out! I’m not knocking Michael, but hey, don’t keep surprising us with your  new “baggage” policy or seating “choices”.


Next Blog and we will have arrived. See you there!