Q – I want to change my lifestyle and start exercising but don’t want to pay for a gym. What can you suggest?

A – One of the recent exercise programmes I have discovered is “Walk at Home” by Leslie Sansone. You can choose 1 to 5 mile walks from your own living room – stop and start the You Tube video, and fit the routine into your daily schedule easily.

Or another popular way of keeping fit is to volunteer for a Green Gym – working outside with nature, supporting a project that needs your help, for example, in Suffolk, UK, Orchard Barn always welcomes volunteers.

Q – I want to make a long-haul trip to Southern India, but not as part of an organised tour. Can you give me a few pointers?

A – I am writing a number of Blogs on travelling in Southern India – take a peek. I would advise booking your accommodation, but try not to have to pay for it until you are actually there – that way you can change your plans as you need and it does not tie you down. I found Agoda Travel good to use and they advertised hotels giving the choice of when to pay. Good luck!

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