Down and dirty

Transfer Day

The day arrived when I could pick up the keys (or rather, key) to my new mobile home. What was I about to find? It had been a couple of months since I had last visited and I had forgotten most of what I had seen, and I had this fantasy of what it was going to be like. Surprise! It was smaller than I remembered, it was dirty, there were holes for you know what – m… and it had a smell about it that stuck in your nose. The wallpaper was peeling, the floors bounced and the veranda was rotting! Hmm, what had I exactly been dreaming about for the last couple of months?  Well, that dream was blown away for sure. Out came the vacuum and cleaning cloths – to get down and dirty.

A caravan or a mobile home?
The New Home

What is the difference between a mobile home and a caravan then? Aren’t mobile homes just caravans with a nice shell around them, so they can be padded out and kept warmer? I think there should be a different name for mobile homes, after all, they are hardly mobile! My new home sits on a fully protected, 12 months, residential site – worth its weight in gold as the surveyor said when checking it over “you are paying for the pitch here, not the home”. Thanks!

Finishing off

And so the packing goes on and the de-cluttering becomes a major task – I will never fit everything in that I have from my house. Plans for move-in day loom large. And I still have my regular work to do. And all that cleaning …………..