Coffee Anyone? 60th Birthday Treat

Coffee Shops

Another place on my bucket list to visit was Amsterdam and I got the opportunity this summer as a 60th birthday treat. This time we flew KLM – so much nicer than you know who and we even got a snack and a drink included on the flight – Wow!  

So what’s with Amsterdam and all the fuss about? Unless you are there you can only imagine. It really is an amazing city and one worth exploring fully. Disappointed that the Anne Frank Museum was booked up months in advance, so do plan well ahead.

The first coffee shop

And a definite yes, to visit to a CoffeeShop is an experience even if you do not partake. All chilled out and relaxing atmosphere if you choose the right one. Try Hill Street Blues Cafe



Canal Life
Canal Life
Canal Life

The canals are so serene (I love canals, having been born right next to the Grand Union). So a trip on them is a must – again, make sure you book ahead if you want a “special” cruise. And yes, you must walk around the Red Light District and feel the vibe and check out the views. Makes so much sense to legalise this business – it will happen anyway and why not keep everyone safe?

On the Buses

We stayed a 30 minute bus ride outside in Permerend in and AirBnB – really easy and frequent buses until late and nice to get out of the city into the residential area of the Netherlands. It had a similar feel to Copenhagen but then they did steal building ideas from the Dutch! 

Street Art
Street Art

In Permerend I have to highly recommend the Blue Lotus – the food and service here is second to none. You choose a set number of courses and can order and eat as much as you can and the food was delicious. And once again we did the Free Walking Tours. These are becoming a true favourite. Always led by a local and an extremely interesting, alternative and fun activity to do. We got to visit the Alternative Red Light district near our guide’s home. This is where older women are still working, so I felt more comfortable here!

So, yes, if you fancy a short weekend away for your 60th birthday that is not too far to travel, Amsterdam could be your place at any time of the year. So much to see and do, whatever your age. Otherwise, dream on!