Clean as you pack

I’m on a roll now and one thing I need to do is the cleaning of everything as I pack and  the space it has left – otherwise it could become overwhelming. There will always be plenty to do on moving day anyway.

We all need people to help us. No-one is an island and can manage on their own, even if they like to think they can. That helping hand goes a long way to saving energy for other tasks you do need or want to do on your own.

So, where to start and what with? Get those items out that need leaving behind and get them in order.

Then get those boxes out! Plastic, cardboard, wood, bags – whatever you can lay your hands on. And start packing and cleaning. This can be a bit of an emotional time. You may need to get rid of some items that are no longer needed but still have an emotional attachment to. My theory is this. If you haven’t used it in the last year OR if you don’t love it – it has to go! Yes, there is always the “danger” that you will need it a week after you sold it at a car boot sale, but seriously, if it just sits there and takes up space, you won’t have that space in your new smaller pad.

Next, you need to arrange people to help you move. Could be family and friends, or a more professional service. Whatever suits you and your budget. Shop around. There are some sites but they don’t cover all areas in the UK.

Here is a worthwhile site that looks at moving for older people.

Get packing!