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Blogs for baby boomers still rocking at 60 and willing to make changes and have adventures
This will be fun!

How come I am still rocking at 60! To me it is living in a different way than the majority of people in my country. There are those of a ‘certain age group’, there are those who are young and just starting out, those who have a family and are in the rat race, and those who have finished working and are either happy to stay at home and look after the grandchildren and go out shopping OR there is ME – excited about the coming years and possible adventures I can go on and still enjoy those precious moments with the grandchildren.

The Law of Attraction

How do we make life choices? Sometimes we feel our circumstances dictate to us what we do and when we do it. You may be familiar with the Law of Attraction, a well known ancient theory of how to attract good things into our lives. This is worth a look at and testing out – my experience is that is does work!

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Blogging whilst waiting for lunch to cook

Whilst musing over lunchtime cooking, ideas can flow freely as the mouth waters. How do we choose to write about a topic? Our world is so free now we can blog about anything we want. Have you tried starting a blog on your favourite topic? Jamie Spencer of Make A Website Hub has a free course on exactly how to do this.

I like to travel but there are a million travel blogs out there. So how do we stand out? What is it people are looking for these days? I myself would want to look at a blog that is relevant to me – my age, my interests, my outlook on life. If you are over 60, like to travel, like living a bit alternatively to the everyday person, then this is the website for you.

I look forward to hearing your opinion on my Blogs and website and hope you will contact me.