Back to my youth

Back to my youth

Going back to my youth, I was so excited to get my first paid house and pet sit in one of the most salubrious of places – West London. Luxurious and safe whilst looking after a loving elderly black Labrador.  I got a “back to my youth” feel as I drove through Shepherd’s Bush and arrived at my destination where I was warmly greeted by the owners. I had visited previously to get to know the house and the dog. There was a lot to remember in such a large home. Do you ever get the feeling that this is where you belong? That’s exactly how I felt as I made myself comfortable and cooked my dinner on the first night. Taking the dog for a short walk, I met neighbours who all wanted to say hello and pet my companion for the week.   

Antiques Market
At the most famous antiques market

Settling in

With house and pet sitting I find I need time to settle down and really get to know the place and animal – usually a day and a night does it. Explore, talk to people, don’t be afraid to try things and certainly stick to what the owners want you to do. It’s a big responsibility looking after someone’s beloved pet and their pride and joy of a home. And I want to keep myself safe too.

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Expect the Unexpected

Having settled in, the next night however, things change. I go to turn on the stair light from the basement and it doesn’t work. Neither do the lights in the utility room. They do everywhere else. Hmm I think me has an electrical problem. I message the owners – no reply. Then, bang, all the lights go out and I’m thinking “is this just me?” I put on my mobile phone torch and light candles. All calms down for a while. It seems there is light outside. My doggie companion is not disturbed at all by the goings on.

Getting back to normal

A lot of house sits will have alarms – this was no different. Once the electricity came back on, the alarm of course was bleeping incessantly. Ha, I had the number of the company so I got on the phone pronto. Eventually someone answered and talked me through how to re-set it. It really was very simple indeed and I felt a bit silly. But hey, how was I to know? Still no response from the owner, but their daughter rang to say that there had been a local power cut – thanks, at least I now knew it was not just my place.


 Yep – that dreaded moment when something over-flows. I thought the bathroom was not a wet room, but the water was working its way across the floor. Ok, so I mopped it up and all was back to normal, but I knew it needed attention. Luckily the plumber was coming for another job, so I got him to take a look. And yes, the plug hole was filled with …… hair. Phew, at least I hadn’t done anything stupid. Just another day in the life of a house sitter.

We have to just get on an deal with any problems as they arise. Whether they be with the pets or the house.