Back to India – house sitting

House and pet sitting is really taking off as more and more people are finishing work early due to changes at their company and thinking “let’s quit that rat race and enjoy life while I can”.

How do you go about getting a fabulous house/pet sit abroad, in the sunshine, in luxury accommodation and be trusted to look after everything?

You need to build a good, open and honest profile. You don’t have to hang out your dirty washing, but don’t lie about your background or experience – you will be found out! Upload a friendly, open photo of yourself/your partner. Write openly about your experiences with pets and looking after a house – remember, you probably have lived in a property and looked after it for a number of years. This counts whether it is your own or rented.

Get references! Yes, these are really important. Ensure they are professional looking even if they are character references. And make sure the referees’ contact details are on the letter. Another excellent addition is a Police Check clearance. In the UK this is called a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) record. You can only get this through an organisation you have applied to work or volunteer for. You can, however, get a Police Subject Access Check from the Police National Computer records (PNC) and should be free of charge under Data Protection.