Park Life. I’m in!


How many of you have recently moved home, and moved into a smaller space? I’m living the Park Life – my new home is a mobile home on a residential park. Hmm well this is a challenge. I ended up putting half my belongings into storage because I couldn’t cope with sorting things out AND moving at the same time.  I have to say it felt very strange, claustrophobic, dirty and muddily in my new home – work to be done.

It really brings home how many possessions we have and begs the question – why? I’m a true believer of decluttering and being organised, but even I still have far too much that I really don’t need and am struggling to move them on. But as we live in a new place, we find out fairly quickly what we really do need and use, what we need to hand, and what never gets out the box. Therefore, the box must go!

If I have an item that I think is worth selling, I post it on Facebook – there are a number of pages for your local area that buy and sell items. If I think I won’t be able to sell the item but want to avoid the landfill, I place my items on Trash Nothing and usually with success and knowing something is of use to another person.

So, the journey begins. There is a lot to do – make the place safe for starters – electrics, new boiler, pipes. Need to think about winter now and get things prepared – I know, it’s only Midsummer but ……


The garden needs a make-over so I started with staining and protecting the fairly new fencing.

Park Life fencing
                  Before and after in one photo

So what’s with this Park Life? It’s kind of like a village where people keep to themselves but will always say “good morning”. It’s not all a bed of roses though. Some people do not keep their property nice, which let’s the others down. It’s a bit like living in a Community but there is no “sign up” to agree on protocol or specific shared purpose. It is amazing how people do get along though for the benefit of the Community.

More adventures to follow……….