Karyll Browne is an independent, professional woman. She takes to relaxing, adventurous travel these days more than working. Karyll explores new places and as a result, gets to know the local people and their cultures through house and pet sitting.  Writing, travelling and photography are all passions of Karyll’s. She lives in the UK – although you will be lucky to find her at home, has one delightful son and four gorgeous grandchildren. She enjoys going to rock concerts, well-chilled rose wine, vegetarian food and watching a good football match.

Now called  “mature” at 61 but with the mind of a 30-year-old. After redundancy from a national charity, Karyll works very part-time and runs her own online business. And is being paid to house and pet sit in very interesting locations throughout the world.

Fascinated by the different lifestyles the mature person undertakes, that is to say, Karyll believes it really is never too late to change our lifestyle and try new ways of living. Let’s get out there and continue to challenge the norm. Why not tell Karyll about your chosen lifestyle?