Karyll Browne is an independent, professional, woman who enjoys relaxing adventurous travel, exploring new places and getting to know the local people and their culture.  She loves singing in Rock Choir, writing and photography. Karyll lives in the UK and has one delightful son and four gorgeous grandchildren. She also enjoys going to rock concerts, well-chilled rose wine, eating fish and vegetarian food and watching football.

At the age of what is now called  “mature” – at just 60 but with the mind of a 30 year old – after redundancy from a National Charity, Karyll is working freelance and running her own on-line business.

Karyll is fascinated by the different lifestyles the mature person undertakes and is mystified how we can often take so long to make changes. For Karyll, it really is never too late to change our lifestyle and try new things and new ways of living.