Retired and raring to go!

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Thank you for visiting the ItsNeverTooLateLifestyle website. Seeking ideas for living alternatively or taking adventurous travel now you are retired? Are you a mature person, maybe a ‘baby boomer’? Then you are in the right place. I want this website to be interactive, full of inspiration and motivation. I need your help to get it right.

Let’s start with the Travel Bug. Ever wanted to but not had the time? We’ll take a look at ideas to get you going. Let’s set foot in the big, wide world, either on your own, with a partner or friends. House sitting is something I blog about from across the world. It’s a cheap(ish) way to see the world, make new friends and live a very comfortable life. Hope you find some inspiration.

And we’ll take a look at small space living and alternative ways of living today. With some intriguing interviews of amazing people from across the world. Those I have met and admire for their adventurousness.

I’m Karyll, a 61-year-old independent professional woman who loves relaxing adventurous travel. I like alternative living ideas and stories of those being adventurous. I hope you will resonate with me and share your stories, seek information and advice, and realise it is never too late to change your lifestyle. In fact, as we mature even more – the world really is our oyster (excuse the pun).

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So, welcome aboard – let’s enjoy the journey together!

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